Made up tropical bird Update: Hummingbird?

I modelled this in about two hours, copying and pasting just two different feathers into a bird shape. There is no texuring at all on the colour version only vertex colours.

I know about the blatant top-side-bottomness to the body where you can see i rushed it, i’ll sort that out later. I’ve yet to make the head.

Also im looking for a world texture, i was thinking an areal shot with cloud sea and tropical cliffs, can anyone help me out? Please?

anyone gona crit?

ok no-noe seems to reply but since lots of people have viewed the pictures here is an update

still only using vertex colours, apart from the background

The coloring is great! The feathers could use some textures and bump maps. ALso the positions of the feathers is kind of boring and unnatural looking. I think it could be varied more. Also get rid of those straight lines, use arcs! The edge of the wing has a much greater arc to it than what you have indicated.

Could you show us some wires/OpenGL view screenshots

Wheres the head on that guy? heh, nj job on the modelling, the colors work well together. you might try looking up some New Guinnea or Costa Rican birds, like the queztal or whatever. anyway, working my way along in blender myself, because i think i just got over a huge hump: edge loops. yay, anyway

I’ve made a head for the poor thing, altered the background changed the feathers at the front of the wing changed the angle of the tale feathers.

Now i just need eyes which i dont even know where to begin, i was thinking some bird have red irisis where you cant really see the white of their eyes and the pupils are really huge but making a bird eye is something i really dont know how to do.

Oh and some of you asked for a wireframe, here it is, bit pointless really, i had to zoom in so it didnt look all black.[/img]

you should turn on optimal mode in the subsurf modifier. Nice model btw

no subsurf enabled yeori, thats the thing, even with optimal mode enabled subsurf would grind my computer to a hault, not that i need it really

this render will be the last before i post on finnished projects; the eyes still need work but other than that it is finnished

any crits would be welcome

It looks like it swallowed a box of technicolour crayons.