Made with Free Star Wars Models!

This guy is giving away a bunch of Star Wars models for May 4th!

They are fairly easy to get into Cycles (lots of Material work). I don’t see anything about how we can use these but I was thinking of making a big Blend file for them or us with everything ready to go in Cycles.



It’s hard to stop playing with these models. I haven’t even gotten to the ships yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


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How are you making doing the floors? and lights? I tried mixing a dif/glos/emi using/factoring their maps but it’s neither as bright or as varied as your image.

I inverted the specular image and made it a bit darker. Here’s my nodes (notice the png for the spec is what I changed).

Here’s a screen grab of the edited spec images… The floor one is on the right. Just invert the image and adjust the levels.


Oh and lights… I’m using hidden area lights over each section of wall lights. You can kinda see them in the reflection of the floor. In your object properties, just uncheck “Camera” under Cycles visibility.

I want to give away this entire blend file but I don’t want to get in trouble with the folks who made the models. I’ll send them an email maybe. They don’t show any licensing info on that site… which might be because they themselves don’t have license from Disney but they are giving this stuff away free so… I dunno.

wow, thanks for this

truly fabulous work!!! well done!