MadeWithFeet - Sketchbook

In an attempt to be get more artsy and more comfortable (aka less sidetracked) with workflow, I started doing Inktober (nearly december).

I’m adding a time budget constraint of 2h for each picture else knowing me, I’ll never finish one.

I’ll post them with correction, general thought, general pointers etc.

Subject list:

  1. poisonous


Careful with saving texture mid-work, overwrote the mushrooms one and didn’t end up liking it.
Lattices would have worked faster for the simple bending.
I can’t type “cain’t”, and Krita is a bit cumbersome for adding texts.
Wood painting is hard.
details formatting to avoid wall of texts/pictures!
Could have ready made black&white background.


For the styled wood:
Grant Abbitt has a playlist about sculpted wood and “simple” material
From the same playlist:
Use more reference for painting!

  1. Tranquil

Lattice modifier works very well for simple deform.
Don’t re-invent the wheel when you have a short time constraint! Most of the 2h were spent on manually rigging the character. Then I remembered rigify addon, 10 minutes later, got a workable rig…
Make a sketch to check where details should be, if the scene works. Would end up using the time more efficiently.


I like this scene, might end up spending more time on it once the inktober stuff is done.
Still don’t like “sharp” join between object (tree stump to ground).
Character need clothes.
Don’t see anything glaringly wrong at the moment.

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this looks nice !!!

  1. roasted:

Not much to say, got tunnel vision while sculpting.


I could use to grind anatomy sketch even for non-realistic creature.

  1. Spell:


I’m not good enough at UV!
Krita, dissolve brush, blur make quite the easy/fast fog.
Book is a bit flat on the top, too boxy.
I’m bad at posting everyday …


This is the video I watched for smoke/fog:

edit 1: added fog video in pointers.

  1. chicken:

Missed the day by 12 minutes!

Influenced by heihei from Moana.


Keeping the model in multiple part as long as possible would have being easier.
Retopo isn’t easy as I would like.

  1. drooling:

Could do drooling and dessert theme ( Challenge #806 (30/11/18)) at the same time!

A bit too brown, cake and alien are too color similar.


Fluid, slobber, caramel and “heavy” liquid are hard.

  1. exhausted:

Fell asleep doing it… went to bed without finishing…

Had weird distortions on the eyes, probably weight or armature problems.

  1. star:

Mario star, rendered with 2.8
Didn’t have much time today.
Tried rendering a gif of it spinning… well, I don’t know how to do that without having a 20mbytes file.
Have to research about it.

  1. Precious:

Done mostly to try to animate the text appearing, still have to render a gif out of it.
This one should have been done yesterday but shush it’s a secret!

Edit: Gimp can export as gif:


I mixed front and back inscriptions…
Since it was mostly to try animating the text appearing, plenty of other stuffs could be better:
Ground is bad
Ring form isn’t close at all to the One ring.
The texture appearing isn’t “wavy” enough, mixing bunch of noise into it should fix it.
Most of all, the text has no depth. Godrays ? Godrays !

  1. Flowing
  2. Cruel


I had a good idea for flowing, but I could not materialize it by lack of skill. So of course like a grownup adult I ended angry at it and I spend couple of days playing around it.
More practice, less butt-hurt about arts!


Knife is bad, and has a big “light” spot in the middle.
XRG81 has a painting playlist about Metal/leather (
Face is a plane with a texture, pretty funny if you are going for NPR look.
Post is a bit over the top. A little goes a long way.

Got caught with moving place sooooo, I won’t be able to do it in follow.

  1. whale

Nightmare to work with, Krita keep crash-trolling (if i used the tablet stylus > segfault, with the finger it was fine)
Tried to get the line brush effect purely with cycle magic. Got nothing to show for it. Ended up with a fast sketch on Krita. Might rework it later down the line.