Good day to all! Offer to Your attention a new 3D model of the bust of the Maestro . Hero Leonid Bykov Fedorovich of the legendary film “go To fight some old people”. The model is made entirely in the free 3D program Blender. Render Cycles.

Great work!

Thank you!!!

Great artist, great film, great model.
Thank you for Leonid Bykov! He is one of the best Soviet actors…

Yes, awesome model! Looks exactly like his statue in Kyiv, Ukraine, where he’s been buried.

Did you sculpt it in Blender?

Great work!

Woah! that is a really amazing sculpt!

I envy your skill.

Amazing as alwais, 5 stars!

Amazing work and great actor and movie. And now I know who is from ussr))

Thank you! Yes, this bust , like all of my sculptures was done fully in Blender . Sometimes to the limit of my computer)))

Thank you very much for the warm comments !!))) I try with God’s help!)