Maggot in a suit (NPR)

Hi everyone, here’s my latest doodle, made entirely in blender (and 1% of Krita). It’s a maggot in a suit, from a quick concept I sketched from nowhere.
I wanted to practice animation with a hand-drawn style, hope you like it!
more in my porfolio

Here it is animated on Sketchfab (is the sketchfab embed option gone? :frowning: )

C&C welcome as always

What you are doing with this drawing style is really wonderful, had a look on sketchfab at the animation, the shadow is not moving when the character moves, is that a limitation on sketchfab?


@Speed7 Thank you! Actually it had to do with me choosing shadeless rendering in Sketchfab, so the shadow was actually baked.
I changed to PBR and set all textures to emissive to achieve flat shading, and it’s fixed now, although the shadow quality is not as good :slight_smile: