Magic Fairy: Season One [PUT ASIDE FOR NOW]

(All other WIPs are either cancelled or discontinued, for me to focus on one at a time.)

So, I recently began to write on a new computer animation episode script. And I stumbled across Magic Fairy as a result of writing in my scriptwriting software after various failed “tests” of scriptwriting on my other projects.

I’ll be going through a breakdown as to how I came to this conclusion of my ideas.

How and Why I Chose This
The reason for me to to choose this project, was that I had a discussion with my former 3D teacher over at Discord. And she told me to focus on one project, and I’ve chosen this one to be my main animation focus.

As to how I am creating this? It’s fairly simple: to complete one season at a time instead of finishing 26 seasons alone on my previous series, Storm the Fox. I thought my Storm series worked better as a book comprising of nine volumes.

The Development of the Idea
The development of this came as soon as I watched some anime series, most notable Naruto and Dragon Ball, but Fairy Tail is also a great inspiration for me to focus on this project. This idea mostly has some used ideas from Fairy Tail’s anime series (Still need to watch it, though, before I continue this project).

The pre-production is where I write mostly all of the scripts to season one, before I dive into the art and storyboard/animatic of the episodes. As I write, the series will continue to evolve to its own, which most projects do, actually.

This is where I’ll be modeling all the models inside my software (Blender, yeah!), along with rigging the characters, making all preparation for animation, etc.

The post-production will be rather complex. I’ll be needing some people to help me with visual effects (such as magic), and I’ll be doing compositing, rendering, and editing myself so I gain experience with the post-production side of animation.

Show to the World!
At this final stage, I’ll be uploading all my finished season one episodes on YouTube for all above age 13 to watch and enjoy (There’ll be coming some blood in the series, reason I said “above” 13). My only hope is to have positive thoughts on my animated episodes once they’re finished uploading on my YouTube channel. I am going to satisfy you all with what I have of plans for the series.

Keep in mind, that only three seasons are going to arrive in the entirety of my project (shorter than the Storm project, to be honest).

Currently, I do not have a lore to the series, but it’ll come in time as I write on the episode scripts of season one.

Also, a basic description of each character in the first episode will come after I’ve taken some time modeling them in the production of the episode.

Season 1 Total Completion: 0%
Episode 1 Stats:
Script: 10%
Art: 0%
Storyboard: 0%
Characters (Main/Side): 0%
Environments: 0%
Voice Actors: 0%
Animation: 0%