Magic Forest (Animation)

(Silverland) #1

Hi, guys. I made this animation last year, but havent posted on this forum yet. Currently working on my next detailed nature animation. Hope it will be better than this one.


(Erisian) #2

I am deeply impressed. I’m a big fan of nature and enchanting stuff and this animation is very well modelled and produced. It gave me the feeling of warm summer nights. I look forward to seeing moreof your work.

(Silverland) #3

Thank you for the nice feedback.

(GarageFarm.NET) #4

Andrew_GF: Wonderful mood. Big props :slight_smile:

(bill2reg) #5

Very nice! I like the detail on the fireflies and the lighting and glow that they provide.

(Silverland) #6

Thank you guys. My goal is now to make same or better quality flora/fauna animation in Maya. This time about Snowy Owl in the canadian forest.