Magic in Blender (2 short animations)

Part one:

Part two:

Click on the images above to see some pure Blender Magic.

It’s two short animations I’ve made in the last few days (celebrating that I’ve passed an examination…which of cause means vacation!)

Hope you like it.

very funny, i love it :smiley: the music is fitting, too. Great !!!

Excellent! Perfect style, great timing, good rendering, nice music. Love it. You should do a series.

very good! and unexpected, I hate it when you know what’s going to happen

really funny. good idea and good realization. :wink:

Good funny but most of all… good animation. I like the snappy action.

I’ve decided to make another one. So perhaps it will turn into a series… It really depends on the sparetime I have during the summer.

Thank you everybody for your comments. They mean a lot.

Good funny but most of all… good animation. I like the snappy action.

Actually the snappy action was one of the things I wanted to try out by doing the first short animation. I’m glad you like it.

Very nice and inventive. I really like the hat movement and your character face expression is great. Made me laugh for sure

Totally hilarious. As Blenditall said, the timing is just spot on!

wow the second one is very good, either… If you start a serie i will be its fan :smiley:

Part two is great as well, though I think a slightly longer delay on the cardboard cutout falling would create better timing.

hehe, cute :slight_smile:

So whos that dude he makes appear? I also like the snappy animation. Those swimmy floaty ones… make me angry :smiley:

Guess I’ll hafta try that snappy thing out now :smiley:

Haaaaaaaaaa…ABSOLUTE GENIUS! Really this just made my day. Ton appearing was so unexpected and completely hilarious. Really good job!

| Sanguine |

Nice, i got a laugh out of the last one. Very unexpected.

Good smooth animations. :yes:

WoW, best blender short videos I’ve seen as of late. Great GREAT stuff. I have no critics. Just awesome!

Good to see you post your work in here Morten.

Good looking stuff. I liked the last one with Ton. :slight_smile:
Very nice energetic animation, although maybe a bit fast motion in places, but it fits the style (snappy, as mentioned earlier). It’s good to know it was intentional though. I would like a little more anticipation in your animation, especially when you’ve got so fast snaps of motion. But that’s mostly my personal preference. It works fine without it.

Say hello to your cousin Rasmus Najbjerg from me when you meet him.

Keep it up!

Thanks a lot everybody. I’m glad you like the animations. And thanks for the focused critiques blenditall and Mathias.

Anticipation was actually one of my concerns when I made the second animation - I have to be more aware of this in part three. …which I by the way am working on :slight_smile: I guess it will not be ready untill after the vacation I’m going on in a couple of days. So You will have to wait two weeks or so.

Enjoy the summer everyone! And thanks again for the comments/critique.

Mathias: I’m actually going to meet Rasmus on saturday to his parents 25’th wedding anniversary’. I’ll say hello :wink:

great idea, the production is excellent!

It just seemed sooo… natural… something that really hard to come by in 3d animation.

Well done!

Make it longer though. Like a full length magic show.