Magic sourcebook

Main Tools:
Blender, Krita, Photoshop


Third-party assets:
megascans textures, no models

Story: Master takes adept to the sourcebook hidden in the chamber-cave.

Concept: I had few ideas for the challenge, finally I have decided on the stone cave and I made 2 versions. One was more natural and freeform while the second was much more geometrical and manmade. The final result is a mix of both. Also, almost from the very beginning, I wanted to go with cold/warm colour scheme.

Technical: Recently I’ve seen a great tutorial how to do procedural stones in the Octane render engine and I wanted to try this technic but when I had most elements modelled and tried to test my procedural stone blender become very unstable. In that situation, I decided to go back to texture-based workflow and Cycles engine. Finally, I have used Blender 2.90.1 and rendered with Cycles, Krita for the concept, and Photoshop for final touches (colour and fog).

Workflow: I have blacked out the scene with primitive shapes and then done some quick sculpts. I’ve adjusted the composition while I was doing more precise sculpts. People are from MBlab addon with clothes made using cloth simulation and sculpting. Next, I started adding materials and adjusting the lights. Some postprocessing I made directly in the blender and final touches in photoshop.

Extra: can you spot any animals (not the totems)?

Artwork made for CGBoost challenge




link to the WIP: Sanctuary WIP

hi, great idea I like it a lot.
I loved the lighting in your first WIP picture, in this final image you got to much light from above - it’ kinda distracting (?) from the main object.
What’s the squirrel doing there? :smiley:

Thank you for your comment. I will have to compare the final and wip.
Good spot but can you only see a squirrel? :slight_smile:

Geko :wink:
I noticed something, in the clay version your totems have a good silhouette and it’s easy to “read” the shape, but in the final image they look more “flat” - for example the face of the totem. It’s a great image and sometime I can be picky, just my 2 cents.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you. That’s an honour.

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