Magic Theater

ok so i’ve been using blender for about a year and this is my first real attempt at making an animation that is completely my own.

this is a preview of what i’ve done so far. so far that is all the modelling and almost all the simulations. i still have to animate the flickering of the lightbulb and some other stuff. So here is the animation i have now made a preview of the light flickering and that is here

i also am having a problem with the whole image beacoming blurry, instead of just the background. yes i’ve taken preview off and i am using useZbuffer.

I’m trying to make it as real as possible so any tips on how to achieve that would be helpfull.

also tell me what you think about the stand exploding, and the debris falling in the background. does the debris look real enough?

Remember that this is just a preview with low quality

so does no one want to comment on my animation?

It’s looking a lot better than my first animation did, good job :slight_smile: I don’t exactly get the point though… It looks to me like a lightbulb surrounded by dark shapes with some particle effects around it, maybe if you brigthened up the scene a bit, I suppose you could do that with a lamp that’s synched to the flickering light once you do that. I’d love to see your updated version, keep it up.

not too bad. but i would brighten it up a bit. also blender has a habit of making things look good and bright if you have the color management on, but as soon as you export it into another file type it goes back to what it really is dark. so if that’s what is going on in your case trust me turn it off and you will get a much brighter look when you adjust for the loss of it and it will follow out of blender. but other than that good job.

yea it was a bit darker than expected, i think i’ll have to deacrease the contras a bit, and take off the color thing. thanks for your comments, i will render another preview as soon as i get a little bit more done.

ok so i tried rendering a final animation. however there were many problems. it took about 12 hours to render (which i have no idea why). i render different sections at different times. however while rendering the last section (the longest part too) i somehow only rendered 1 layer. resulting in the lights being suddenly turned off. so here is the result of that. pretty much everthing went wrong that could go wrong.

Unfortanitly i really don’t want to render this again. so i’m trying to figure out a way to render the seperate layers with an alpha background, and then place that over the first render. but i can’t really get that to work. so i might just call this animation a failed attempt.

by the way youtube seems to have made this worse quality and dark.

anyways tell me what you think.