Magical Books (And Where to Find Them)

My take on magical books inspired by many things including Fantastic Beasts and Skyrim. Feel free to share and comment!
Software: Blender, Cycles, Krita
Production time: 5 days
All textures - Poliigon texture website |

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Looks great. I just feel like it’s missing its own scene. Like it would be much more interesting if it was on something and knowing it’s scale.

Really awesome Gleb, congratulations as usual :-)!

just curious about one thing, did you model all those cover details yourself or did you use a texture/image with modifiers? the larger center patterns look quite intricate, with many parts overlapping each other

Simply amazing!

I’ve just noticed it but…is that the real Gleb? If it’s really you, then I am coincidentally watching your latest video at the moment xD
Don’t forget to drink more cofffee!

Hell yes! Can’t wait to read it :smiley: