My 3d interpretation of Yuhki Demers Magneto with the valuable feedback from the artist. Thank you so much Mr. Yuhki

This is one hell of a Magneto, you did a great job.I love it.

fun design. I like it!

Already saw this on 3D Total! Amazing work man! Congrats :smiley:
Really love your models and style. Keep up the good work!

I really dig this stylized version of the character. Great job, I’d love to get a printed version of it.

Great job !

Excellent interpretation! Two little things are bothering me though. I don’t really like that his face is so dark and doesn’t show any shape. The 3D print shows it much better in my opinion.
The second thing that bothers me is the text the ground. Maybe use a different font or engrave it into the base of the figure?
Nevertheless an awesome job! :slight_smile:
Also, may I ask how you created that blueish material of the base?