Magnifying glass

Is it possible to get a “Magnifying” glass in blender ?!

If you use cycles - yes.

as long as you object is the correct shape - just use the standard glass shader.

Sure is. As moony said, just model a lens and use refractive material (not necessarily glass):

Example blend file with some quick lousy modeling.

The two lenses use two different materials. One just refractive, the other one only refracts on front facing hits, thus yielding less distortion.

excusme i meant blender internal addition to this what you made is not actually magnifying the text !! :(.another question,my glass does not look like a realistic glass there any way to get that result ?

It does, and it would even more if you get the lens shape right and play with IOR value:

As for Blender Render, use Raytraced transparency with Alpha dragged close to (or all the way to) 0, IOR > 1 and maybe some Filter added. If you want your glass look like glass you’d also need to add some Mirror for reflections, and actually put something in your scene for it to reflect.

Here is what I made with a modified NURBS sphere + NURBS cylinder…

The IOR for glass is 1.45
Edit: OK, that’s a bit oversimplified, but generally glass is about that. If you want to nerd out, see this.
“The power of a magnifying glass is determined by the shape and refractive index of the lens.”

NURBS just gives a very clear refraction without the need for a dense mesh. Of course using a mesh works too.

nurbs-magnifying-glass.blend (566 KB)
It has shape keys you can use to play with concavity/convexity.
The distance from the surface also plays a part.

This will be very tough in BI. The true effect requires refraction which is only possible (And quite easy) in cycles. If you want the blend let me know I will post it.