Magnum Desert Eagle (Low Poly)

Here is a low poly Desert Eagle I’m working on for a mod. Unfortunately I can’t find any particularly good reference pics on google and have never even seen a gun in real life so if you can point out anything wrong that would be very helpful. It’s at 1727 ploys right now and I have to keep it around 2000. Is the slide too wide? Haha I know what its called :cool: Go me.
Anyway any crits would be appreciated.


Nice work.

Here is a bit with the thing bit modelled. I modelled it before but the mesh round there was really munted so I deleted it and remodelled it. I can’t find any good pictures that show me whats inside it when the slide goes back, but I have to model that bit cause its for a mod :spin:
1809 polys right now.


This might Help


Thanks Talwyn. Thats ever so slightly confusing but looks like it will be helpful :spin:
btw Thanks Sha

A small update. I think I am on the right track still…
I have like 4 more grippy bits than in real life, but I don’t really care :stuck_out_tongue:


Mean bit of kit!

Thanks Kbot.
Anything you can spot thats wrong with it?

Hmmm. Fixed an inauracy in the model that I missed. Must’ve been tired or something. Here, Have a wire. The mesh is at 1983 polys right now. I am nearing the limit, need to do some mesh cleaning. :smiley:
Hope you like.
Remember to tell me if there is something a little strange with the gun :smiley:


nice modeling :wink:

Thanks Stoucal, I do my best :smiley:

Looks good so far.

Here is another angle. No big changes to the model. I think I’ve fixed the thing going on at the back of the grip which is a bit funky. I only noticed it after the render and can’t be bothered waiting for it to render all over again.


Woohoo Small UPDATE! How come nobody ever crits my thing anyway? Added more polys but the poly count went down due to a little bit of lowpolyarising. Last time i posted it was over 2000 (I don’t think I said that in my post though) and now its 1891. Added some stuff around the back of the slide as you can see, prograss is slow though. Also that big bit sticking out the back got a smoother looking curve now, because the back has to be more detailed if its gonna be in a game. What you think?


Just curious about your modeling technique , are you basically adding cuts then extruding from the new faces?

I like the model its already convincing before any texture is applied.

No real modelling technique. I just worked from the outline and do things different ways everywhere. The mesh isn’t really very consistent right now. :smiley:
Extruding and joining stuff is what I mostly do, but sometimes I have to go back and fix stuff, so I have to make cuts and stuff and then Im always changing bits in weird ways which ended up ruining some bits so I had to remake them :smiley: Hope that was a satisfactory answer

:open_mouth: Long time No post but idecided to resume work on this :slight_smile: cause I will have to finish it some day. Tis my destiny :open_mouth:


here is a pic of a desert eagle, great for modeling:yes:

The problem is finding high res pics that show you other bits like the inside and the back :open_mouth: Thanks anyway tho :slight_smile: Btw I fixed the smoothing error by the grippy line bits in that pic (missing sharp edge)


Fixed some other stuff too… Lots of room for improvement still, but currently sitting at 1818 faces :smiley: