Magnum Desert Eagle Mark VII Modelling Critique

I know you might have seen many many tries of people modelling a Desert Eagle- Pistol (I am sorry for that). This model is not made to get a beauty- render of, but intended as a prop for a character- art that i plan to do. This is my first more or less finsihed model off a blueprint i found on the internet. I would be interested what you guys think about the topology especially in regards to my plans (tried it and it worked already kind of well) to add a subdivision- surface- modifier to get it smooth and control- loops to get the edges to shine :smiley: After you are done hurting my feelings about the topology any tips on how to effectively improve it are appreciated :stuck_out_tongue:

For lowpoly model it may be ok, but if you want subd model you must add support edges and always check with modifier on/off.

i actually did this already! Thanks for the feedback.