Maid_San (Manga style girl in a maid costume)

This is my first post on Blender Artists.

Character : 12812poly / 171701poly (Subsurf Lv.2)
Modeling and Rendering - Blender (internal with AO)
Texturing - Gimp
Render by 3 times size,then resize with the Gimp.(To thin the Edge)
Soooory for my poor English^^.

UPDATE [07-May-07]
1st image resized
3rd image added

Edit [18-Oct-08]
MatrixNAN is going to make more flexible features using Maid_San polymesh.


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Fantastic work, brilliant style and excellent modelling.

Can we see some wire veiws please?

What an excellent way to join blender artists.

Edit: Only crit is that on the largest picture, the bright white background makes the whole thing feel over exposed, i know it isn’t, but it feels too brite IMO.

Another edit: This is your first post and you joined in september 2006?!!

…Wow. That was blender? That’s beautiful. Great, great job. That is an EXCELLENT execution of that style. Everything has a really great, light look to it.

This is the best toon shading I’ve seen in blender. :spin:

… :eek:


agreed… :eek:

Thanks comments.
Wire View


Gasps with horror oh no! triangles!

Seriously, that is some great work and a nearly perfect mesh. You have close to perfect shaders and materials for this style.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW It’s so cool! Congratulations, man!

Top notch !

Didn’t know you are also looking up high for maids.
I know that “san” is said in Japan to speak to somebody which has a high influence, or at least a certain position.

It is looking very clean.
When do you’re going to texture it.
And are you going to texture it with SSS (Sub Surface Scattering) (availible for the RC2 of version 2.44)?

Excellent work! Top notch modeling and even menu seems cool! It’s inspiring to see work of this quality.

Render by 3 times size,then resize with the Gimp.(To thin the Edge)
Just nitpicking here but you can use Scale node of the composite node editor in Blender to do this. I wonder if it would be useful to have traditional AA (render big, scale) as an alternative for OSA in the Render panel. What do you think?

Welcome to the forum!

Oh my! It’s beautiful! One of the best character I’ve seen so far made in Blender.

So amazing.

Its great, I can only think of about 7 memorable characters that I’ve seen posted here. This now makes eight.

Hey, congratulations, man. You’re a success.

great shaders. really perfect :wink:

Oh, wow.

Most people who make manga style pictures usually try to make it look exactly like a manga picture. But, I like yours more, half-manga and half-realistic.

Whoo… I feel so… little…

This is simply proof that Blender has reached its professional level. Granted it could be done before, but now there are more than a few people doing it.

Nice job!

Yes! “San” is the most general honorific in Japan. And sometimes It is used for a lovely woman.
I used texure eye, hair(Ref & Spec Map), box, board and floor. I want to challange SSS some time.

In this project, I didn’t use Composite and Material Node, Because of my poor
Knowledge of “Node”. Now I’ve been trying to master “Node”.

Shader is simply Toon diffuse, Toon spec, ColorRamp(Normal) and 0.2-0.3 Emit.

awesome man! Brilliant job!