Main menu and other tools on 2.57b 64bit not shown or hidden

Yesterday I downloaded an installed Blender 2.57b 64 bit on my Windows 7 machine. Neither errors nor complications where found through the whole process.

hOWEVER, THE Main menu and all other tool except for the “Scene” tool set at upper right are not on the blender window.
I used Blender installer “blender-2.57b-release-windows32.exe”
What Am I missing?
I’ll appreciate any hints about it. I’ve watching tutorials and searching in Google without any success to find why I don’t have Main Menu and tools.

Run blender as an administrator

Hi, thanks a lot, main menu and tools are there now, the only problem is that every time Blender is launched, windows prompts for the Administrator password an I would like to avoid sharing it password 13 years old son, he is the one interested on learning Blender. ¿Is there a way around?
Thanks in advance


Make him an administrator account with a different password. (assuming he can be trusted of course;))