Maintaining cross section while using simple deform and array

I am making a DNA finger ring. The issue I am facing is that the cross section of the bars and that of the outer-frame is getting twisted and flattened - I want them to be uniformly circular in cross section. The cross section of the outer frame should be slightly larger than that of the horizontal bars. I used this youtube video: , to create the main DNA structure and then used a simple deform modifier to bend it into a ring.

Highlighting the issue a bit better in the image below:

Can someone suggest how to fix the issue? Even if it means completely redoing the model, I am fine with it. Thanks in advance!

helix.blend (637.3 KB)

Here’s a quick test of how I would approach this. As you haven’t posted your Blend file that has this issue, it’s difficult to point out what the issue may be.

Hi Pappy

Thanks a lot for your reply. I wasn’t able to open your file though - each time I tried, blender itself shut down immediately. Any idea what could be causing it?

As a new user, I can’t attach files here but sharing a link to download the file:

Do let me know what you think!