Makahuman MHX2 plugin for Blender 2.8 RC1

Hi All,
Due to change in API, the current MHX2 plugin is not working.
I’ve modified mine as per posts on and seems to be working (960.0 KB) fine now .
Updated zip file is attached.
Hope it helps. (960.0 KB)


Hi abhayks,
I wanted to test the addon once, unfortunately no import entry shows up.
blender-2.80-45ae9edbd5ac-win64 (from today)

Er - what exactly is a “Makahuman MHX2 plugin”? Does it generate humans?

Hi justwannapost,

It is an Importer for MakeHuman.

Hi Mate,
With 2.8 there is a change. Please press “n” key to bring up the properties tabs.
MHX2 is one of them.

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Hi abhayks,
many thanks for your answer.
The Mesh import works great.
Does the Armature-Import actually already work?
I have the makehuman-community_1.2.0a3

My bad.
The armature import works perfectly.
I guess I just forgot to pick one in the skeleton section.

Ah ok - sorry, I’ve never fiddled with these things - does MakeHuman not generate a .blend file then?

These are the Export-Formats in Makehuman.
And the best format for Blender is .mhx2.