The long-awaited project “Makarych” done in one breath ))) 3D model Smirnov Alexey Makarovich , the hero in the film “go To fight some old” Model is made and rendered completely in free 3D editor Blender #Blender #Sculptung #Cycles #b3d

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You should do a real world Russian version of Madame Tussauds and call it Monsieur(or Comrade) Maximus.

You’re amazing. :spin:

[QUOTE = bigbad; 3272916] Вы должны сделать настоящую русскую версию мадам Тюссо и назвать ее мсье (или товарищем) Максимусом.

Ты удивительный. :spin:[/ QUOTE]
A very interesting idea !!!))) Thank you so much!!!

I like your girl more, but that’s probably just because she wa a girl. :evilgrin:

The clothing here looks excellent on this model.

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