Make a graphite pencil?


I’m sorry if this was posted in the wrong forum.

I’ve just started using Blender and are now learning basic modeling in Blender.

Now i’m stuck on something that should be easy for you guys :eyebrowlift:
I’m trying to make a graphite pencil… i don’t know how to get the 6 side tube merge with the cone shaped top.
I’m used to Sketchup and there i just intersect the two shapes and delete the parts that needs to be removed… but how do you do such simple things in Blender?

I’ve searched the net for any tut, but haven’t found a single one. :frowning:

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You can place the cone on top of the cylinder and press Ctrl+J to join the meshes. But that will not give you the smooth transition between the objects. I’m sure other members here can help you out.

Then select two vertices you wish to join and press alt + m.
Menu show–choose how you wish to merge(join)them

here is a thread shrot tut for pencil


A huge thanks for the links, they helped a lot.
Wonder why i failed to even find one tut last night… well… to many hours of trying to understand makes your head a little soft :o