Make a Voronoi


I have a simple mesh, a cube, with a Voronoi texture. This texture has maximum contrast and affected only the transparent. Then I have a cube with “holes”.
Is there a way to make a physical mesh. The way is not so important.

Using a Vertex Weight Edit modifier you can use a texture to drive a Vgroup.
Then you can use that to influence a Mask modifier.

If you have a subsurf modifier above the Vgroup modifier, the texture creates a Vgroup for the subdivided resolution. So you don’t need a high resolution base mesh for this to work, like I thought five minutes ago. And it updates in realtime from generated procedural textures, color corrections and everything. Oh, Blender!

Getting the Vertex Weight Modifier settings right can take some tinkering.
My current settings that work are:
Default weight: 0.5
Falloff type: Median Step
Group Add: 0.8
Group Remove: off
Global influence 1.0

In this case, no vertices are assigned to the original group.

there was a very old script that was able to make from a texture many year ago
but i never been able to make it work

so for the time being as i know of you cannot make a mesh from texture in blender!