Make an array follow a spiral?

I want to have an array of cubes or such form a spiral (flat, on one plane only, not like a spiral staircase). I can make a circular array by using an empty with some rotation as the offset object. But I can’t figure out a way to have the object (cube, etc.) also increase in distance from the starting point. If I scale the empty, the cube then gets bigger and bigger. I tried having the cube follow a spiral curve, but that only works if I’m animating the cube, but that’s not what I want. Any suggestions are welcome.

Add a curve spiral using the Curve Objects addon

Add a small plane and give it an Array modifier set to Fit Curve
Add a Curve modifier for it to follow the spiral curve

Add your cube and use Duplifaces to add the cube to each of these planes. This prevents the shape distortion you get with the curve modifier


spiral_cubes.blend (96.7 KB)

Thanks Richard. It worked up to a point. I had no problem activating the add-on for curves for the spiral. Also, no problem getting the plane to follow and fit the spiral. I added a cube and parented the cube to the plane, but when I activated “faces” in the duplication panel, nothing happened. That’s where I lost you. I can modify the cube around the spiral ( without using a plane at all) but of course there is the distortion you mention, especially toward the center of the spiral.

OK I figured it out. I had to parent the cube to the plane, then select faces in the duplication panel. Thanks.