Make arrow 'stick' to target

Hi, I am currently making an archery game in blender. I have made the arrows fly using the edit object actuator but my arrows are currently just bouncing of the target, is there are way to make them “stick”. The arrows are rigid body and target static. Any suggestions are much appriciated.

I would use a ray sensor to test for objects just in front of the arrow head.

When you get a hit, make your arrow a static object by calling suspendDynamics(), and then, based on the last known velocity, move the arrow a little deeper in.

This should give you a convincing “stick” illusion.

I also attached a .blend that demonstrates one particular implementation of that algorithm, if you need the details.


arrowstick.blend (404 KB)

That is exactly what i want it to do but i am just having trouble putting that into my game. I can’t use python so i can’t change the script to fit into mine. here is the file. thanks for the help.
game.blend (519 KB)