Make Blender Games in a 5 man Team.

Hello, Blender Users I’m looking for 4 people to fill in the positions of…

A Programmer who is good with python.
A Animator who is has work with blender.
A Modeler who has work with blender.
and a Game Designer who has made games on blender.

These are the positions I need filled. If you know how to the other positions other then your own, well that is even better. I’m a concept artist, bit of a programmer, modeler and game designer. I did bit of everything, but still don’t know much I’m looking for people who willing to learn and have fun making blender games. Will start off small and then work our way up to bigger projects. If you are interested in joining please e-mail me at [email protected] or contact me on skype my username is “michael.b.garrett”. I’m hoping this group can go far and please serious inquiries only.

If you have question on what games this team going to make. That is up to the team to decide when it is formed.


I recommend an 8 person team.

I recommend showing samples of your work to the members, so you see more interest.

I don’t need that many people, I make small blender games for fun and the learning experience. Most people come on expecting to form a professional game development team with little to no experience.

@Dhia Eldeen - I have no good work to show, I do have work but visually there not appealing. I looking for people with the same skill level as me, I want to work with those people so we can learn, grow together and maybe become a successful team.

Okay I thought you wanted a professional team

This sounds like a great idea :D, that is to develop ones skills while working with a team. Do you intend to make the recourses created for the game(s) open source?

I’m interested! I have been looking for a decent education-driven team that is active, fun, and dedicated. I primarily model, texture, rig, and animate. I’m not incredible at texturing but it’s just one more thing i’ll have to work on.
Email: [email protected]

I, too, am interested. If I rate myself on a scale of 1 - 10 with blender, I would probably be a 1 or 2. At the moment I am trying to learn more python, but yeah I would like to work with a team, it would be a lot more fun that way. I can model (somewhat) animate (ok) program(not at all, but I am working on it) and rig (ok), I stink at textures but I know how to unwrap and stuff.

Oh yeah, don’t forget about music. I really like playing the piano so I might be getting into video game music, too.

i whould like to join the team, i can model, i have been modeling for a year and a half . i am trying to learn python.

Ill join aswell, i model and im learning texturing and python. from 1-10 in python im about a 4 and ni modelling im probably a 7

I am also making an mmorpg free for all dbz game . :slight_smile:

Hey i could join, I’ve loads of free time…got nothing to do the next month…I’m interested primarily in making anime models and weapons…contact me if you still need members :cool:

I’m interested in helping out this project i primarily Model and texture but i could also do some rigging and animating and i could help on a story.
But was also wondering on what kind of game you’re willing to make?

That is the reason why you should show some of your work, so people can see how good you are and compare their skills with yours. And if they are about the same skilled as you there is more chance that they will join you.

Im a good gamer, Modeler and Animator u can visit my channel on my channel is called nnikitaka so thanks to u if i can join. I use blender 3d a lot. :cool:

also send me an email to [email protected]