Make Edges Render Black?

As shown in the screencap below, I need some simple black lines on a Mesh. I’d PREFER not to UV Map it or to add in new Faces or anything like that. Ideally, if I could just make these Edges render as black, that would be perfect.

Is there a way to achieve this? Maybe something with Vertex Paint or something?

Add extra edge loops and assign a black material or you the Freestyle branch and mark the edges as freestyle edges.

why not unwrap and export your uv layout. erase the unwanted lines in gimp/ps and use as material.

I’ve had great difficulty with Freestyle in the past, although it must be getting easier to use because says it’s liable to be in the main build by 2.67. But I wanted to avoid that, because then I’d have to use it all the time. Eventually, I suppose I will.

As far as adding new Edge Loops, I wanted to avoid adding arbitrary extra geometry for several reasons - including the fact that it’s Subsurfed, and so those start to add up, and also because it then might not deform as simply as planned. Thanks for the thoughts, though.

Yeah, this is what I ended up doing, although, like I said at the start, I wanted to avoid UV Mapping lines for several reasons, including that they don’t look as clean as having a Material. But it turned out okay.

So, with my UV Mapping “solution”, I’ll mark this thread “Solved” (while still dreaming of the day Freestyle is in the trunk!)