make human+blender problem


I’want to put a makehuman model into blender using mhx, but it doesn’t work!, I have no idea why. I followed multiple tutorials in the course of a week but still didn’t found a silution.

So I dicided to upload a video of the problem.:

plz help

p.s. srry for you needing to dowload such a big file, but it’s the onely way to clerify the problem without misunderstatements, you can download(appox 1 min.) watch and delete if you want.

Are you using the correct MakeHuman version for the script. The wiki entry for the addon says its for MakeHuman alpha 5 only. Alternatively use on of the nightly builds which should contain the correct importer

why not use OBJ format

i use mh alpha 6 so that could be the problem, I’ll dowload alhpa 5 then

When you use mhx then it expotes a the comple rig with it

I can’t find a make human alpha 5 for 64 bit, I tried 36 bit but is says: could not exicute main phyton script…

does someone have a link for mh5 win 64 bit???

never min, i downloaded the most recent version of blender amd mahehuman and it worked!!, thx for the support !!!