Make Human Error! Need a fix

I’ve exhausted my search for an answer and yet I still can’t find one.

Make Human (mh180b_1_1.blend is the file) is not working. I have set Python in blender’s Path and that doesn’t fix it. I’ve tried to get mh180 but i can’t find the file. Blender’s site won’t let me download it. The only other version of it is 149 but shudders I can’t use that >< If someone could tell me how to get rid of this error:

File “”, line 249, in draw
IndexError: list index out of range

I’d modify the python script if i knew what i was doing, but i don’t so can someone please help me find a fix!

What version of blender do you have? I have ver. 2.34 and I didn’t have to do anything with python to set it up.

yes, i have blender 2.34 installed. I have it on at least 4 different computers all with different hardware and processor speeds ranging from 300mhz computers to 2.4ghz computers and none of them will run it. That same error see origional post is on ALL of them. It may be the file I got that was corrupted. I tried an older version of MakeHuman, but its GUI… well, didn’t exist and if i can get the newest version of MH to work, it would make my life a lot easier. If ANYONE can help me… please please please help ><