Make Human Hair and Gravity

I have created a female with long hair in Make Human and MHX exported her for Rigify. When I pose the female in Blender her hair does not hang down naturally when I bend her over at the waist. It stays stuck to her chest. Can Make Human made hair be made to hang down? Or will I have to make this hair in Blender instead?

I do not need fancy hair dynamics. I just need it to have gravitational attraction in still poses.

MakeHuman hair is just mesh planes with alpha transparency. You can make it obey gravity by running a cloth simulation on it. It will not obey gravity without running a simulation any more than any other plane does.

You could also rig it yourself with bones, then you would have control of where it points without needing to run a simulation.

It may also be worth asking over on the MakeHuman forums: