Make it look like snow

Hi, I was trying to give a snow effect to logo/text. I made a base as seen below. But the white does not look much like snow. It would be nice to know how to make it look more like due to snowfall.

It’s much too sharp, and is supporting itself off on the side in a weird impossible way.

This is the closest real world reference I could find.

Note that the front of the sign is white, thats not more snow on it.
Notice how the snow only piles up on the top. This snow has been melted, its not as fresh, sometimes snow does stick onto the side a bit, but nothing like in your image.

snow does not fall in a uniform even fashion. There should be bumps, and no completely straight edges.

I’d recommend modeling out little snow piles on top of each letter.

I haven’t watched it yet, and wont for a bit cuz, i need to go get breakfast, but this looks like a decent tutorial that should help.

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Hi meetdilip,

You might want to explore this free addon (Real Snow) which should help with adding snowy details to your scenes.

Ottawa is my home town! :slight_smile: And it snowed roughly 15 cm yesterday so had to break out the snow shovels :frowning_face:

Cheers and have fun blending.


Thanks. Works like a charm :slight_smile:

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