make low pixel uv-maps clear?

I was wondering if you could make it so when you uv-map a low pixel image onto a mesh (16x16 pixels) and make it look clear on instead being really blurry.

I realise you could enlarge the image in basically any picture editing software, but id prefer not to do that.


No. What you see will be what you get. If it’s a low res picture, it will be low res in Blender as well.

Okay, I believe you MAY be mistaken.

I unwrapped my cube and imported my low pixel uv-map so that it was on the cube. (at this point the cube’s texture was extremely blurry)

Then I was reading some more and I found a thing called mipmaps in the user-preferences under system.

So I unchecked mipmaps and my 3D model was exactly how i wanted it.

but this was only in 3d user perspective, when i rendered it, it was still blurry.

So is there a way to get rid of mipmaps in render as well as user perspective? Or do something that will have the same effect?


uh ha, figured it out.

just go into the textures tab, then under image sampling turn off interpolation

your attachments aren’t showing

I guess that’s what I get for trying to answer a question with little information or blend file.

Go to “Texture”.

Scroll down till you see “Image Sampling”

Uncheck “Interpolation”.

Change the filter type from “EWA” to “BOX”. (its right under Interpolation).