Make mesh with loopcuts looking like one without.


how can i make a mesh with loopcuts looking like one without?
This is the mesh with one face

and this is the same one with 10 loopcuts

the mesh is originally a part of a model.
How can i make the loopcut one look like the one with one face?
I already tried Scaling to 0 with every pivot setting, i also tried mesh tools -> flatten.
Im really getting desperate :frowning:

It’s because those faces are concave quads. Those faces should have an edge where it can’t be, like shown with red in the image:

Can’t have that kind of turn so you need more faces. The bare minimum would be like in the second one. Depending on the rest of the model, you might be able to do a reduction and turn edge loops back where they came from (third).

Next time show the mesh. It’s harder to intepret modeling questions without seeing how the model is built. Uploading a .blend file solves that problem nicely and makes replying easier.