Make my model printable $20

Hi, I was going to post this in the help forum asking how I can make my model printable. I have a model made of a few meshes from meshroom assembled with boolean unions. I have done several of these and it somehow works, this one won’t print. I try to ‘make manifold’ in blender and the operation results in huge holes. If you can tell me what I’m doing wrong that would be great, I am a dumbass.

I could be wrong but it looks like there’s a hole in the upper right of the model in the second image. Take a closer look at it and see. I would be able to tell more if the model was in edit mode. What I’ve read, is that it will not print if there are holes in the model.

Sometimes the “make manifold” isn´t enough, the option given in the addon are more… like manual, i dont know how to explain me lol, if you click on “check all” gives you a list of resuslts, these numbers when close to cero, the better for the print, and the important one its the “non manifold” if you go to edit mode, this will gice and option to take you to the verts or face that can be troubling you, and the same for the other results on the addon, you just have to manually check and …i dont know… merge verts, or maybe an incomplete face, thes little things.
Hope this helps >_>

Have you tried using MeshMixer? They have some really useful tools for repairing meshes etc…

I’ll have to download that. Thanks!