make object invisible when walking away from another object?

Hey, I have a text object for my game that is set to invisible. When I walk near something that requires action, such as a door, it becomes visible by getting a message. But once I walk away from the door it won’t go away. Any help?

Let it listen to another message, that it can hide itself when receiving it.
Send this message when walking away.

Or have a timer, and set the text to invisible after timer is up.

Message--------python( own[‘display’]=message.bodies[0] own[‘Timer’]=200

Timer min 1 max 200--------and-----add -1 to timer

If timer=0--------and---------invisible

I have considered your idea BluePrintRandom but I was wanting Monster’s suggestion. How would I do that Monster? I’ve been trying all night! Thanks to both of you though.

OMG thanks so much Monster I got it working now! Thanks so much!