make object jump- upward pulse

I am very new to the gameengine.
I managed to move and turn an object through my maze, but I want to make it jump.
If a insert a upward motion, it is a countinous movement.
What I need is:
If you press a button, it shoul just move a certain distance up/receive only a force impulse and gravity moves it back. Repressing just works after a while, then the process is repeated. It should not be possible to make the object fly by pressing the button in fast succession.
I know the possibility of a invisible “Collision” Ceiling, but thats not the clean solution.
How do I do that?
Thank you!

I think I made a solution for shirokoff for a similar problem.

You can find it in this thread:

Scroll down until you come to my post, and click the download link.

I hope that helps.

A simple way to do it:
Make an invisible plane just above the ground. Make this plane a Ghost Actor in the phsics buttons. Add a material to it in the material buttons. Name the material “Jump” (no quotes). To your jump logic setup: add another sensor and wire it to the same controller that your jump key (what ever it is) is attached to. Now on this new sensor, make it a touch sensor, and enter “Jump” (no quotes) in the MA: field. Now your player object should only be able to jump when touching the ground plane.

Thank you both very much , you helped me understanding how it could work.