make objects emit light?

if i made a lightbulb or lamp or car headlight, could I make light like its glowing?

There is radiosity, but its quite expensive in calculations and takes a while, and I don’t generally use it.

Your best bet is to just use a lamp (spot, area, etc.) and set it up to illuminate how you want. For a lightbulb, you could for example use a lamp, set with the sphere option, so that it casts light in a sphere around it. For headlight beams you can use a spotlight that renders with a Halo. For having the physical bulbs of the headlights glow so that they appear on, but don’t cast a beam per say, your best off to do that with a material.

Radiocity is a good answer as it wil look like light emiting objects. Combine it wil glow plugin, your have a nice effect.

okay thanks, but how do I set radiosity up?

Read this part of the Blender Manual. Or better yet, read through the whole thing, it really helps!

I doubt if anyone (other than me) would want to do that though. Sigh. :expressionless: