Make Online Blender Games!

I found this tutoral file on how to make online blender games. It does seem to work, I just don’t know how to start an online conection. If you would like to take a look, download the file listed below.

The link doesn’t work

Try copy and paste into browser.

I tried the blender file but is freezes blender here. Anyways are you using the Zoo blender multiplayer pack or did you wrote it yourself?

Wait a minute, and it will load. At least, that’s what happened to me. It appeared to freeze for a minute, but then it loaded.

The link worked fine for me. And yes when you start the game it does take awhile to load. This is because the game is looking for the server but can’t find it on the internet. After a long time, the “time out” starts and the game gives up on trying to find a server. After the game gives up or finds a server the game itself starts.

so has anyone played it? if not how could you make a new server for it?