Make particle system particles emit smoke (smoke flow)

(crayzcrinkle) #1

As per title. I have a particle system (well 9) which emit arrow objects at particular key frames as particles.

I have a smoke domain object set up around the emitter area. What I want is the arrows to generate smoke trails. The original arrow object has a smoke_flow physics setting on it, and if this is placed inside the domain, smoke will be produced from it.

The problem is, the copies used in the particle systems do not produce smoke even if the same size as the original arrow object or bigger. How can I make the particles have the smoke_flow physics setting copied?

(Lumpengnom) #2

Select your emitter object and go to the Physics panel. Turn it into a Smoke object and set it to be a Flow object. In the Flow Source drop down you can select Particle System.

(crayzcrinkle) #3

Hi thanks for the response. I have tried that, the problem i face is this:

The object with the particle system on has 8 different particle systems attached to it. This is to fire 8 arrows at the required keyframes (start-end frame are 1 frame apart, fires one particle). But only one particle system can be selected. Is there any way to select all particle systems? or would i basically have to duplicate the emitter object 8 times and just keep one particle system (for each separate arrow) on each emitter object?

(Lumpengnom) #4

Hmmm… you are right. That´s a pretty silly limitation. I know of no way to do this besides using 8 separate objects.