Make particles spawn and form a image


I recently watched a video “” and was enthralled by the idea of keyed particles. I’m wondering if it is possible to make the same effect happen to form a image (a texture on a plane for example). To put it in other words, I want to make a animation where particles are emitted in a randomized fashion off screen having all necessary colours of a specific flat image, then float and form that flat image on screen. I know the basics of keyed particles.

Like this, , but the particles form a flat coloured picture of persay a cat instead of suzanne.

I have searched around for tutorials for a while via the web, and was wondering if anyone knows how this could be achieved, or a tutorial that would help me through something like this.

Thanks in advance!

Well, I believe you actually could, but you would need to time-reverse it, I think. If you subdivide a plane enough, you could use the explode modifier to break the plane apart, seemingly pixel by pixel. You should then be able to combine that with a morph like in this vid from youtube: …and playing that in reverse would give you the effect you want.

It worked wonderfully! Thank you!

I ended up using a explode modifier, rendered it, and then used Blender’s video sequencer to reverse it. Awesome!