Make Proxy in Blender 2.80?

I just need a little help. In the earlier versions of blender we had a shortcut key to Make Proxy, it was “Ctr+Alt+P”. Now in 2.8, since there has been some changes, I don’t know what the shortcut is. Does anyone know what it is?


I think there isn’t shortcut yet , you can find it in the search menu.
Proxy in 2.8 is temporary, it was planned to replace them with static override , but that will be for 2.81 or 2.82 …

I see. What’s “static override”?. It’s the first time i’m hearing about it.

static override is a new feature that replace the proxy, it allow to override a propertie (like bone location) on linked objects. It will be a replacement of proxy with the bonus added that you can have several time the same character to be proxified with different animation.
I’m not sure but this may apply to linked materials settings or every linked propertie. It’s a game changer if you work with linked stuff.

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Anyone knows what is the present status on the “Static Override” feature?

It’s implemented in blender but still quite experimental. I’ve tested it and I’m not quite confident yet to use them as a replacement of proxys in most cases.
From time to time by looking at commits to the source code I see some bugfixes, there is also a proposal to rework the internals on how it should work. So I guess it will get better with time but for now the development doesn’t seems quite active.
I think we’ll have to wait for Blender Foundation to test them in a real case scenario to have all this system ironed out.

I see.
Thank you for the prompt update sozap :slight_smile: