Make proxy rig. Character appends into scene but will not link

Working on a scene and all assets are linked in successfully except the character I need to animate which will append into the set but will not link. I click ‘Link’ in the file drop down menu and it comes in appended. I delete/save and try again using Ctrl Alt O and again it comes in appended, as in with rig working and not as needing to be made proxy. I need to do further work on this character and so don’t want it in the set as an appended model. Using 2.63 freestyle build on Ubuntu 12.10 64 bit. Any thoughts anyone? Thanks in advance.

Did you uncheck “Instance Groups” when you are linking in the character? Not sure if that’s the issue or not, but worth a try.

Thanks Safetyman. I tried that linking a character into the default Blender scene and got nothing but the character did link in with Instance Groups checked. I reopened my rough set and tried with and without Instance Groups checked and was getting a bit frustrated when suddenly I had the character linked in but am pretty sure it came in with Instance Groups checked. Hooray. No so fast though… I moved the character to where he is going to start walking down the footpath, someone came into the room and so I saved, we had a chat about motorcycles and after settling that Rossi can win the next MotoGP world championship, I reopened and found the proxy rig and character mesh had separated. Clearing rotations and translations of the rig returned it to the scene center but as you can see in the attached picture, the rig and mesh are at 90 degrees of each other. Not sure whether this is a Blender problem or just more of the shenanigans I’m having with Ubuntu 12.10 so could be a stability problem of the OS. What I think I’ll try next is trash the scene and rebuild it to exorcise whatever demons have made it their home. See what happens. I’ll post video if the head of the character starts spinning on its own.