Make Single User not yet Implemented in 2.80?

I just learned (the hard way) that making linked data single user is not currently implemented in 2.80 . :frowning:

Since we’re already in the bug fixing phase, and apparently not adding new features, does that mean this won’t be added till the next version?

You mean like this, or something else:

Woops, i meant Make Single User

But yes, that’s the menu i was using.

Then what about:


Brilliant. That one works!

With the other menu I was getting this:

Which menu?

It’s the ID Data menu in the outliner.

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Yes but I want to know which one fails.

Almost any use of the “Make Single User” command from that menu seems to result in the Not yet implemented message.

Example: select cube, ALT-D and make linked duplicate, Right click the new Cube.001 in the outliner, ID Data->Make Single User gives the message, but Object->Relations->Make Single User works.

The code looks like it only supports a couple specific ID types currently and perhaps isn’t intended to be the same function as in the Object menu? In any case it’s confusing the way it is right now.


			/* make single user */
			switch (idlevel) {
				case ID_AC:
					outliner_do_libdata_operation(C, op->reports, scene, soops, &soops->tree, singleuser_action_cb, NULL);

					WM_event_add_notifier(C, NC_ANIMATION | ND_NLA_ACTCHANGE, NULL);
					ED_undo_push(C, "Single-User Action");

				case ID_WO:
					outliner_do_libdata_operation(C, op->reports, scene, soops, &soops->tree, singleuser_world_cb, NULL);

					WM_event_add_notifier(C, NC_SCENE | ND_WORLD, NULL);
					ED_undo_push(C, "Single-User World");

					BKE_report(op->reports, RPT_WARNING, "Not yet implemented");