Make some Money with Quick Modelling Contract Job

To all of you blender experts out there this is a simple job that can earn you some pocket money.

Attached is a screenshot of a simple blender figure.

I am not an expert and the project I am working on requires that we have this model up and running and in ship shape as soon as possible.

Therefore my employer proposes to anyone interested in making a small amount of cash to complete / resolve the issues outstanding with this model - that is the job is to complete the task as we want which may have some very minor subsequent tweaks in the future that will also entail a monetary benefit.

So if you are interested please contact me asap.

best regards,


Man, this is the third time you have posted this model-for-pay offer. rIt’s also an easy one to fix. Problems are…

  1. How do people know, after doing the work, you’re not then going to say “sorry but someone else was quicker”?
  2. How do they know that after what looks like an easy weight painting exercise you’re not going to extend this into controllers and such which are a lot more work?

I’m going to PM you to accept this. Will report back if this ends up as a scam.

send me the blend file, I will do

Ah, there’s the problem see… I’d only just said

…and then we get another offer like…

…as well as this being posted three times already.

This looks very much like the kind of “we will pay you” offer where everyone does the work and then they decide. I’m pretty sure there were people replying to previous versions of this thread.

I happen to know kkrawal is very keen to work professionally in 3D, and so am I. You wouldn’t get away with hiring four different painters to paint a house and only follow up the one you liked. Why does everyone think they should to that to CGI workers?

Hi Lancer, I am mad about blender, have you seen my latest video ?
please give comments on this work

It’s very nice kkrawal. A well thought out rig with some good attention to detail. I especially like the way the outer spikes bounce to reflect the steps, and the walkcycle is very natural.
If was was to crit anything I would say you should improve the general timing. The legs are fine to start with but the rest has a floaty feel because everything all moves at a similar constant speed. Try making the cube fall down a lot faster, and have the arm bounce down more than it does now (on the catch) if you want real evidence of weight. The legs could also buckle once the creature is carrying the cube, and slow down, one step at a time at that point.
A lot of mine need improvement as well. Animation always does. Look at if you would like to see.