Make Texture Baking Quick

Hey Guys,

i have a tip & Trick for all who think their Baking is very slow they don’t know why.

There are two Points what you have to pay attention on.

Render Settings:

  1. Sampling:
    The Higher the Render Samples are, the longer the Baking. Higher Samples like 500 Samples in my Project took around 1 hour to Bake.
    1 Sample only a few Seconds.
    Samples low = low Texture Quality (But not bad) less time (Hurray)
    Samples high = high Texture Quality (Hurray) LOOOONG TIME (That’s really bad)

  2. Performance:
    if you checked in that you Render with your GPU. Set the Tiles to a high x & y Value like 256 that is giving you a Time Boost.
    If you use Only CPU set the value to a lower number like 32x32.

Sorry for my English, it’s not my first Language.

Best Wishes and Happy Baking.