Make tip round and smooth?

I know there is a way to do this but cant seem to figure it out feel like a noob lol I’m just trying to make the tip round and smooth on the end of a cylinder like r2 d2’s head.


With bevel you can do it.

You can make a sphere, delete the bottom half, select the bottom ring, and extrude it downwards.

Edit: I think he wants to round out the top to create a dome like shape instead of smoothing out the edges of the perimeter of the circle, ArMan. Unless if I’m wrong and that is what he meant, or there is a way to do what I described with bevel that I don’t know about.

I actually tried that but will try again

I was actually thinking of doing that but how would I fill the other end?

Use Make Edge/Face.

Use a poly-sphere also known as a “Round Cube”, delete the bottom and extrude down. Now you have a pill head with all quad topology.