Make Unit Measurements Font Larger? Solved

Does anyone know if it’s possible to make the font bigger for the Unit Measurements? It’s really hard to see with the dark background/my object behind it. I found where you can increase the size of everything including that, but I have to make everything else massive to see it.

Just found where to change the colour, which helps a lot, but still would love to see it bigger.
File>Preferences>Themes>3D View>Edge Length Text to change colour.


there is an addon for measure where you can set the font size !

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I wasn’t familiar with add-on. Thank you! I’ve got it installed now, but I don’t seem to have the “Items” dropdown that I see on the official page that lets you change the Unit type. I would like it in Feet and Inches, but it’s it’s defaulted to gibberish. Any chance you know how I can get to the menu where I can change that?

depends which version you are using
i only have 2.9 and 2.79

try to find video tut for your version

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I’m using 2.82.7.
Unfortunately I can’t watch videos with my internet. But thank you for the help! You got me half way there. :slight_smile:

here is 2 min video

MeasureIt Tools Addon in Blender 2.9 - Bing video

got to be in edit mode
set hide mode at top

select 2 verts

activate segment and it should show the measure
then set other parameters

there is another addon to show length

but not as powerful as measure it

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Thank you so much! I had to activate segments to get the items menu to appear.

I dared to pick the above as solution since you surely hinted. Please tell me if that is not OK. :blush: Cheers!

I was wondering if I could flag the solution. Thanks!

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Sure you can, whenever you really feel like it. It helps the community after all. If you don’t feel like that, I can un-check and we will wait for another knight of Blender :grin:

That’s alright! I hardly ever use this site, so I didn’t know I could. I selected a different comment as well, but the one you chose is also the answer.

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