Make x number of copies of an object and place them randomly?

I am using Blender 2.56, and I am looking for a way to make many copies of an object and place them all over the place in the specified range. I tried to look around for such functionality in Blender, but it seems to not exist. Yes, I can select a huge group of objects and keep on duplicating, but their locations are the problems. I want these objects to scatter out more naturally and randomly. I want it to be like trees that grow randomly in forest, not like in a farm where all trees are aligned. And manually moving these objects around is no fun. So in 2.56, how can this be accomplished?

Simple: use particle system and play with the given setting. Most of the things are already there in the menu.

make a line with vertex at specific locations then use duplivert !

I’d recommend this tutorial. The author seems to do exactly what you are looking for with a lot of great tips and techniques. As ionosphere said, he uses the particle system but this tutorial will give you an explained and concrete example.

You could also do this with a modest Python script, if you are a programmer.

You don’t need a particle system to do that. Simply create x copies of your object with shift+d, select all of them, then hit Object > Transform > Randomize Transform. Adjust the x, y and z values on the left until you like what you have.

well it’s a script in 2.49 so you avhe to select sript at the top then the randomize item!

and may be there is an addon in 2.5 for that but did not see it !