Make Y-Axis Up

Using other software, including Visual Studio for XNA, oftentimes I find myself needing the Y-Axis to be the vertical axis for exports. Is there any way to do this in Blender?

Yes, rotate x-axis 90 degrees in the export options.

Alright, how about this situation: I’m using Blender 2.57b, trying to export into XNA .FBX. So, the export doesn’t have a window, it just has me save the file as an FBX. Is there a way to make the Y-Axis up inside of Blender?

I only export to wavefront object format. I think you are making this a bigger problem then it is, if you model as if Y is up then it should import properly

Yeah, you’re probably right. Or even just rotate right before exporting.

Make sure you fix rotation (Ctrl+A) before doing that else it’ll reset the mesh back to it’s original position.