MakeHair : how do you use it??

hey just downloaded MakeHair.

how to use?

lol, me introducing stuff to my brain without doing anything.

Makehair? Well as far as I know you vertex paint the object you want hair on, change the settings in the script, and press MAKE. But I wouldn’t get too excited - the program just renders a picture of the hair that you’ll have to paste onto your image - it’s much better to use Blender 2.4’s particle/hair feature.

what is Blender 2.4’s particle/hair feature?

can somebody introduce?

See here.

hmm i downloaded 2.4 a couple weeks ago.

see figure 1?
i goto F7.
Then i select physics.

the layout of my particle stuff looks really really different from the tut.

i also cant find “tangent” under material in the tut.
and i cant find the “mesh” button in the tut.
cant find the “DISP” button in the tut.
cannot find the “field type” dropdown in the tut.

heres what mine looks like:

look at the tut and please explain why mine is really different.

i want to dump the hair on a character i made using makehuman. and it needs to be animated. any suggestions?

download the latest RC1 test build

Yeah - you’ve got the alpha 1 version haven’t you? As for animating - you can use RVKs on the curves that control your hair’s style so it can flap in the wind, grow or change shape!

whats RVK?

where do i download the latest?

whats RVK?

Relative Vertex Keys; press I-Key and choose Mesh
Find tuts here:

where do i download the latest?
Choose one for your OS.