MakeHuman 2.0 pre alpha ready for download

Finally MH2.0 pre-alpha is available for download.

Remember, this is even less of alpha. It’s pre-alpha, with only a part of new features… please read this:

Download windows vers. here:

The version for unix/mac is ready, but actually there are some problems to upload archives in Gforge… we are investigating.

If you agree MH, please vote it:

And, if it’s possible, please feedback here or in project forum:



Hi Manuel,

Got the pre-alpha up and running (WinXP, Blender 2.34) and spent an hour or so with it. Besides a couple of “quirks”, I -really- like some of the new capabilities. Great work so far! Do you folks want bug reports? If so, where do you want them sent?

Can’t wait for the rest of the features… AND BVH support! That’ll rock!



For bugs, support and features requests, please use the Tracking System here:

This is a huge achievement, no doubt about it…

Morph mode was especially brilliant, I love the way that you can customise nearly every part of the body. I spent about 30 minutes messing around with it…great job!

Ok, I guess I’m stupid. Nobody else seems to have a problem with the fact that the file being downloaded is an “…exe.pdf” file … do I just rename the pdf file to exe? And why is this being done?

I just gave the link a look… No, I don’t see anything ending like that. The file name should be: “Pre-Alpha-Win-Setup.exe”. I just tried it again and it worked for me.

Give it another try. You might have clicked on something wrong.


When I right click on the download file link, this is what I see (and what I get when I download it):


Now, I don’t know why I should be different from everybody else. This is kinda strange.


Well … whatever … I just stripped off the “.pdf” from the save dialog and saved it. The installer ran fine. I guess it’s some screw up with Netscape or something.

Nice work, I think more documents and tutorials would be more nice :slight_smile:
ps. I have voted it for the 135 voti

I’ve loaded the makehuman 2.0 … I guess … I get the base mesh displayed but not sure how to execute the interface. I also copied my base mesh, as I remember that this was a good thing to do from the original. I realize this is a pre-alpha, but can anybody tell me a little on how to use it? Or possibly the location of a bit of documentation on 2.0?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

If You see the base mesh the interface is already running, just right click on it and use the menù.

This is a pre-alpha version, we are working on some documentation and a quick start.


  • Paolo

It really looks nice but, why is Blender “hidden” on MH2? Not only MH2 is not addapted to the scripts layour system but it even doesn’t allow to access other Blender windows. And where’s the possibility to access the code? It isn’t “certified open source software”? I’m quite deceived with that pre-alpha as it looks it takes the best of Blender but then doesn’t allow to use the rest of things. Uhmm… %|

In the next versions will be reopened CVS.
Actually, if you want see the code, simply use “append text” command from a new blender file.

Some blender features can disturb the script (in istance play with layers). So the work pipeline is:

open MH
make your character
save it as “your_character_name.blend”
close MH
open your_scene.blend
append the base obj from “your_character_name.blend”

[>] Unix / OS X version is out [>]

Ok, thanks. It’s just a very personal impression, it’s like if MH2 was not “Blender-enough”, that there is a problem of integration with its host. It looks nice but closed (again a personal impression). What is true and I want to say it, is that MH2 looks impressive, I don’t want to sound negative with the rest of my comments, but after the good developement of the last scripts architecture on Blender it looks to me as if HM2 went its own path and personally I ask why. I just wanted to give my opinion :wink:

This is most likely a decision of your browser. The file is being sent as application/binary


This is most likely a decision of your browser. The file is being sent as application/binary


Thank you. Although I just stripped the “.pdf” off and saved it (worked fine) … it’s nice to know why this was happening. :slight_smile:

I like the interface and the flow. Ithink it’s pretty slick.

MH is different, because it require some elements that can’t be loaded “on fly”. It require an external library and some objects in various layers. So it’s very complex do a sort of file–>scripts–>mh.

The previous version work by this way, but people gets confusing about of configure paths, how run the script, how extract the libraries, etc…

So this seem the best way.



How do you pose the body in MH2? I understand the morph and everything, which is VERY nice, but I can’t pose anything (and can’t find the armatures)…

From what I understand MH 2.0 alpha (or at least beta) may not use armatures for animation. I’ve read that there are some new animation procedures that may be incorporated. I’m sure you can get more info here:

Here’s a tease:

MH 2.0 alpha 01/Dec/2004.

Features added for testing:

* all available targets
* dynamic mode
* UV mapping / skin textures

The dynamic mode means a complex feature to pose manually the model, with the alpha of muscle engine.

MH 2.0 beta 23/Dec/2004.

Features added for testing:

* BVH integration with muscle engine
* FACS ??</b>

It appears that this pre-alpha version is mainly to test the UI.